Music is probably my biggest influence for getting my start with tattoos.

Along with music, books have also had an influence on my tattoos, I think a lot and books guide my ideas. My tattoo with an indian and a ship on my shoulder for example came from reading Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”.

Tattoos are a commitment.

The owl on my chest is the most significant to me, it stands for knowledge.

I think the world would be a much better place if people thought a little more about what they are doing and why.

A tattoo helps you remember what you got it for and its there forever. Like the V we each have on our fingers. It helps us remember our commitment to being vegan.


Ken and Laura

People always give me compliments about my work.

Ihave always had motivation for getting a tattoo, I have always been into music and I would see the band members with them. It made me want to get my own. Its a good way to express ourselves artistically. I originally went to another shop when I was underage and the guy ended up moving so I couldn’t finish my chest piece.

We ended up moving to Hawaii which only lasted a week, long story, and I ended up getting my chest piece finished there.

When we moved back I wanted to go to a really good shop
and I knew Big Brain was good and clean.

I loved that they were downtown around everything else we like to do. I checked out their portfolios and thought they were amazing and it started from there.

Ken and Laura
My arm piece represents my Grandma’s garden, she had all kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers, after she passed away a lady moved in and didn’t take care of the yard and it just went downhill from there. She lived right next door to us, so its a constant reminder. This reminds me of a better day.

My feet have two roses that have my parents name on them, and you know how most people get mom and dad, well I got bob and deb because thats their names and I liked how they were 3 letters still.

It’s really fun to go to Big Brain, they are all so nice and they seem to be always having a good time. They never treat it as just another day at work.