Tanner Kunz

I started tattooing in Lincoln, NE under Ray Soto in the fall of ’05. I quickly fell in love with traveling and set out to work along side the best artists all over the country. During my travels I was able to learn a lot about both my self, and my art.

My love and respect for the ocean took me to the coasts for the past 5 years. Living in both Florida and California helped greatly in shaping my life. The bold colorful flare seen through out the surf culture has been a big inspiration in my work. I love combining illustrative work with realistic elements to give the client something unique that they can have for the rest of their lives. I strive to give my clients tattoos that flow seamlessly with their body and stand the test of time.

While being a beach bum in the heartland might prove to be difficult, Im very excited to be working with some of the best tattoo artists in the industry at Big Brain Tattoo Productions.

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