Seth Agar

Fame: Black and Gray

I began tattooing back in 1997.  I started out by apprenticing under Tony Olivas at Sacred Heart Tattoo 3 in Atlanta. After about 6 months I moved to Lake Tahoe, CA to work at Sacred Heart 4.

I worked for a short time down in San Francisco, but ended up back in Tahoe. I moved back to Atlanta after three years. Continuing with my nomadic lifestyle, I moved to Eugene, OR after a year and then to Corvallis, OR a year after that.

Three years later I made some adjustments in my life and moved here to Omaha. I’ve since decided to stop moving, settle down, and grow some roots. I can’t think of a better fit for me than here at Big Brain.  All the artists here are so phenomenal, it’s just a breeding ground for inspiration.

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