Josh Hansen

I was born in Sioux City, Iowa, and raised in a rural, small-town community. I have drawn, painted, and used whatever was available throughout my childhood to create. Always trying to push my own abilities to the next level, I find artistic inspiration in movies, music, and different cultures.

In 2007 I moved to Chicago with big dreams of art school, but the admission fees were high enough to scare me back to Sioux City. After working a handful of blue-collar jobs, I started my apprenticeship in 2010 under Andy Bagshaw of Living Art Tattoo, where I continued to work and build a portfolio.

I strive to create tattoos that are not only beautiful, but also compliment the client with good fit and body flow. My favorite styles to tattoo are illustrative, new school, surrealism, and realism. I am excited to be working with some of the top artists in the industry here at Big Brain, and have already been further inspired by their expertise and dedication to the art form.

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