Dave Brown

Fame: Piercings Of All Kinds

At 7 I encountered my first tattoo shop while vacationing in LA. I couldn’t understand why my Mom wouldn’t let me get one. At the age of 15 I found myself working at Fine Line Tattoo answering the phone and taking out the trash. This is when I fell in love with this industry.

Although my career for many years was bar and restaurant management, I truly wanted to be a piercer. I have been lucky enough to meet and maintain friendships with some of the most talented artists in the world. I was offered a piercing position along side 2 of the industries best piercers.

I will be forever thankful to both of them for the the lessons I have learned. This career reflects who I am and enables me to maintain a great life after enduring serious hardships over the years, including the death of my wife, Lori. I truly look forward to working every single day.

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