Marked and Mended, A Tattoo Anthology

This year we reached a milestone in the shop history.  We published “Marked and Mended. a tattoo anthology.”

The book is a 312 page hard cover book that illustrates the unique relationship between artist and client.  “Marked and mended” has been very well received by the tattoo industry, the average and the advanced tattoo collector, as well as the design community where it has been submitted for numerous awards.  

The project started with the interest of a national publisher, but unfortunately they lost interest early in the process. We continued the project with out their support and decided to self-publish. During the process I felt several times that we were in way over our heads. It was an enormous undertaking.

We interviewed over a hundred people before before selecting the final forty-two that would be part of the book. The scheduling alone was intense. Then we hired a photographer who specialized in tattoo photography. He came in several times a month and turned our humble tattoo shop into a first class photography studio with huge lights hung from every nook and cranny.

After that we sorted through thousands and thousands AND THOUSANDS! of pictures till we could tell the story with out a single word being written. Then we wrote the book; then we re-wrote it… then wrote it again! Now you might start to understand enormity of the project but the hard part hasn’t even begun.  

The most tedious part of it all was the layout, design and the photo editing. Our talented, patient and over-achieving friends at GoodTwin took care of that.  Forgive me for bragging, but there is not a single page that is laid out the same; each is unique. They spent close to 400 man hours bringing our creation to life and seeing our vision all the way through. Finally, “Marked and Mended” crossed the finish line early summer. Then came the overwhelming job of getting it printed, customs and paid for…but i will spare you those details.

I look back at process all the time. I think about the hiccups and bumps and bruises we got along the way and wonder how we ever did it. Then I think about it more and realize what an achievement it really was. I take from it a real since of accomplishment. I am proud of all the people who contributed; and, in the most humble way, I am proud of myself.

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